Start Media is a company specializing in creative solutions for advertising and promotion activities in the United Kingdom. Our Polish and English clients benefit from a range of services, concerning promotions and product advertisement, which are directed at the Polish community in the UK.

We are convinced about the power of word, its endless and transferable meanings, therefore our offer include copywriting as an individual service or as one element of a broader corporate communications programme.  

In terms of creative advertising solutions, by researching the market and meeting the new marketing trends, we are specialised in organising the events for our client and its customers.

Moreover, we offer a helping hand with regards to the ethnic marketing, distribution of advertising tools as well as advertisement. These services are achieved by addressing the principles of effective marketing and using the media coverage.

We would like to invite you to get to know us and our services better so if you have any enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us. 


We are getting across the perfect message with the carefully chosen, perfect words by creating promotional texts for those who are aware and understand the need of building a substantial and valuable content of marketing communications. Our aim is to use the words to promote a person, business, opinion and idea by persuading the reader, listener or viewer to act according to our client’s wishes. Copywriting is a business service, therefore we efficiently match our experience and business knowledge with the passion and respect to the word itself. Its selection, meaning and impact are the challenges which are undertaken by us with a great pleasure.


We are proud of our professionalism and complexity of services we provide in order to create the best event ever. Being aware that meetings are organised to gather all these important people, create a friendly environment and opportunity for media and business for our client, we plan every detail with the great precision to make sure that significant and measurable impact is achieved.


Polish community is today well-settled in the British economy and therefore should not be ignored in terms of being potential target audience. Our efficiency in reaching and understanding Polish people is based not only on a close relationship but also on the knowledge of the market’s needs. We routinely investigate new marketing concepts and strategies that offer interesting and exciting possibilities for our clients, both on and offline.


We can help you identify the right media for your business and develop your own media plan. Being well established in the marketing communications industry, we have created our own media (websites, publications) in order to reach your potential target audience.


We provide professional distribution of corporate brochures, leaflets, magazines and all those tools that help in spreading the words about your business. Covering areas such as Liverpool and Manchester, we increase the awareness of your company and raise its profile in the North West. Our website and the magazine ‘Fala’ are very popular among Polish people and help in maintaining this special relationship with them. 

We are concerned about the quality of our services and convinced that support is essential when the company’s reputation is built. Looking after our clients, we carefully choose our business partners. Therefore, all our activities, in terms of graphic design, are supported by Media Soul – the company you can trust.

Media Soul specialises in communication design, from the creation the best logo or a brand identity to the production of advertising tools such as business cards, brochures, leaflets, billboards. And all these high quality services are provided with the attractive prices.

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